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Three steps to changing your view of technology.




As your organization is reviewing its strategic plans, take a moment to evaluate the use of technology as a core component of your business. If most of you are being honest with yourselves you will realize that your organization has shifted from performing a service for a customer and using technology to make that service more convenient to truly operating as a technology company that offers your customer a specific service. 

Look at it this way: if the majority of your customer interactions involve some component of technology, whether it’s through online banking, mobile payments, other mobile applications, email, your internet-based telephones (VoIP), looking up customer information in your CRM or other software, you are a technology company. 

Another way to reality-check yourself is by asking this question: “If my organization threw all our technology out the door today, could we still do business effectively and really serve our customers?” The answer is surely a resounding “NO.” The reality of today’s business world is that nearly all organizations of any scale rely so heavily on technology that without it, we’d largely be unable to do business long-term.

This guide outlines three steps you can take to shift your thinking when it comes to viewing your organization as a technology company. 

Also included are important resources for the Board: 

  • Know Your Risks Checklist
  • Roles and Responsibilities Guide
  • Board of Directors Questions to Ask