Securing Your Remote Workforce

Your employees are working from home successfully, but are they working from home securely?


Creating a secure remote work environment is a balance between People, Process, and Technology. With the combination of a remote work security checklist and remote security assessment, SBS has the resources you need to get peace of mind in knowing that work can get done remotely without compromising information security.




According to a recent survey, just under half of remote employees reported that they receive data security training. With confidential company and customer data being a valuable asset to your organization, and something hackers want, this is a big red flag.



Companies are adopting remote work options now more than ever. While remote work has many benefits, it can be a serious security threat the requires a thorough assessment of the risks involved while ensuring that critical business  activities are not jeopardized.




Assess both your corporate environment, as well as your home network requirements. The goal is to make sure you have made the right decisions in mitigating work from home security risks and have protected your networks and confidential information.


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Securing Remote Work Checklist

If your organization is looking into how to set up SECURE remote working capabilities, this handy guide will get you started. It includes:

  • Pros and Cons of Remote Work
  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Suggested Controls Focused on People, Process, and Technology

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Take it a step further with the
Remote Work Security Assessment

There's only one way to know that your remote work environment is secure - test it! SBS has the expertise, insight, tools, and resources you need to evaluate risks and controls related to personnel, processes, and technology. The Remote Work Security Assessment reviews both the corporate environment, as well as home network requirements.


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